How to choose the perfect size of a dress form?

picture by @tabithasewer

You were dreaming about perfect tailoring helper and finally decided to purchase? How to choose perfect size?

Here you can find our simple rules:

⭐️The height of the mannequin must be almost like yours. Pay your attention to back waist length;
⭐️Measurements of mannequin must be like yours or a little less;
⭐️If not all parameters fit you perfectly you can always add volume with special overlays or sewing winterizer wich used for winter jackets. With this simple tool, you can add 2 sizes to your mannequin!;
⭐️Remember that it’s almost impossible to constrict our mannequins for more than 2-3 cm.

For today we have 8 female sizes available from XXS to XXXL

Mannequin Eva has 8 sizes available
Table with measurements for mannequins Eva & Bella

And always remember that if you didn’t find your size here we can produce soft fully pinnable personal mannequin according to your measurements and photos!

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