Why do you need a sewing planner?

Sewing planner

Nobody can remember everything!

We know that’s not easy to call to mind what has been done about past sewing projects, so we have decided to create a small helper for you!

We are happy to present our Sewing Project Planner!

?Sewing Project Planner will help you with planning and documenting your sewing projects.
?With our planner, you will never forget where you have taken a fabric or pattern.
?Our planner helps calculate the prime cost of your item. It’s very useful if you sew to sell!
?You will never forget about your plans and deadlines for your sewing projects.
?You may print the pages as many times as you need, year after year and for project after project!
?This planner will be an amazing gift for sewing hobbyists and professionals.
?There’s enough space on the left side to punch holes in the planner so that you can put them in a ring binder.

Sewing Planner Features

Available at our Etsy store only for $0.99

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