How to learn sewing?

Mannequin Eva Comfort

There are 3 main ways how to learn for today:

1. Online courses
Advantages: you don’t need to go anywhere, you can learn anytime you can and you can always tap the pause and come back after a while.
Disadvantages: need some time waiting for a response to your question.

2. Offline sewing schools
Advantages: real-life contact with a teacher and classmates. You can find new friends and helping each other. Fast feedback about your work and immediately responding to all questions.
Disadvantages: If you understand faster than others it might be boring waiting for everyone else.
If you didn’t understand something as fast as others it can be stressful and frustratingly.

3. Self-learning
Advantages: today we can find tones of information for free! Youtube, bloggers, Instagram everywhere you can find lessons “How to…”.
Disadvantages: you must be ready if you don’t need to pay the money, you will pay with your time… Moreover, a large amount of unstructured information can frighten and discourage the desire to learn.

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