Dress forms Eva & Bella

We have 2 models of female mannequins: Eva and Bella. Let’s see what’s the difference!

Eva has a tight cotton cover with a zipper on the back. Bella has a jersey cover with the cord.

?Draping lines
Dress form Eva has all main draping lines which are perfect for working with the moulage method. Bella doesn’t have any lines, you can always add them by yourself.

Eva and Bella have the same filling: soft polyurethane.

?Sizes and measurements
Eva and Bella have the same measurements and both of them come in 8 sizes from XXS to XXXL.

Eva has the beginning of legs it means that you will be able to work with pants, lingerie, and swimsuits.

Both models have a heavy and very stable metal base but mannequin Eva has wheels in the set.

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