About us

Our Mission

To provide an outstanding tool for tailoring.

Our Technology

Tailoring mannequins of Royal Dress Forms are produced on the newest unique technology that consists of two elements:

The first are up-to-date shapes of mannequins that were managed to achieve with relying on the data of provided by 3D-scanning of today’s men and women. Figures of our mannequins are similar to real people, but not to the view of producers of how people should look like as it is often the case in fashion industry.

The second essential component of our success is using of elastic material. Thanks to this material which is also used in production of car seats, children’s toys, orthotic devices as mattresses, pillows and so on, mannequins of Royal Dress Forms allow to steam clothes right on them and endure needle puncturing or falling. They are compressible and soft. Historically, mannequins were always made of cheap materials like plastic or papier-mache, that is why most of them did not withstand even one falling. Torso of our mannequin is almost «death-proof».

Our Clients

Our Client is a professional or a beginner, a tailor or a designer, a huge factory or a small studio, a student of university and a teacher of design courses, a fashion house or a designer of own brand. They are completely different people that are united with enthusiasm, desire to create and perfectionism in quality of working tools. We are proud that our Customers, who once bought our mannequin, use it for years with pleasure and always come back for other sizes.

Our history

From 2011 our company works in the sphere of 3D modeling of people figures, production of individual mannequins and anthropometric measuring of population. Work was conducted in parallel with this on the creation of modern shapes of female tailoring mannequins and technology improvement of mannequin’s production from polyurethane foam. In 2014 was established a small family company RDF GROUP LLC and launched a batch production of soft mannequins. We trust that combination of transparency, traditional family values, honesty of conducting business and manufacturability of production is a key to possibility of long-term partnership with our valued Customers.