PENELOPE dress form for sewing lingerie and corsets

PENELOPE dress form for sewing lingerie and corsets

✓ Use Penelope dress form for sewing any models of lingerie, as well as try on and demonstrate your items on it

✓ Made of Soft polyurethane foam inside, 3 times softer than usual therefore is fully pinnable.

Pins can go inside for their whole length. Ideal for draping: the dress form material strongly holds pins

✓ Maximum level of anatomy — clavicles, scapulas, submammary fold are presented

✓ Well shaped buttocks and bust

✓ Optimum space between legs for easy designing of knickers

✓ Compressible: possibility to reduce a dress form parameters

✓ Waist tightening up to 10-15 cm

✓ Dense jersey cover which can be taken off for handwashing;

✓ Incredible tactile sensations

✓ Resistant to iron and garment steamer. You can iron and steam your clothes directly on the dress form which is impossible on traditional mannequins made of plastic or papier-mache;

✓ Steady metal base with adjustable height.

Lingerie dress form, size 48 (RU), 42 (EU), M, 14 (USA)


182 cm

Chest circumference

96 cm

Under chest circumference

75 cm

Waist circumference

67 cm

Hips circumference

102 cm

Neck circumference

39 cm

Chest height

30 cm

Shoulder to waist front

52 cm

Shoulder to waist back

44,5 cm

Neck to waist back 

46 cm

Back width

35 cm

Chest width

33 cm


13 cm

Waist to hip

20 cm