Sewing Lingerie and Corsets Dress Form Penelope beige size M

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Sewing Lingerie and Corsets Dress Form Penelope beige size S

Size range: S/ M
Color: black/ beige

It's a very soft dress form for sewing lingerie and corsets with the most anatomical torso. Use Penelopa dress form for sewing any models of lingerie as well as try on and demonstrate your items on it

This mannequin has ultra-realistic contours. The maximum level of anatomy-clavicles scapulas submammary folds are presented. Penelope also has optimum space between legs so it's comfortable to create lingerie.

Made of elastic fully pinnable polymer material. 3 times softer than a usual mannequin. The waist can be pulled down to 15 CM! Pins run the entire length.

Penelope has a dense jersey cover. You can take it off for washing.


Mannequin model Penelope (torso)
Steady metal base with adjustable height
Retainer of rotation for fixation of the mannequin during the work
Magnet-stencil with female body shape for sketches creation.

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