Monica ART




Soft tailor's mannequin is a special product for designing clothes.

Premium dress form with 100% cotton cover and construction lines (Monica), as well as a special dress form for underwear and corsets (Penelope).

The base of all mannequins is elastic, soft and compressible. You can stick pins in it and iron clothes right on the mannequin. The dimensions of our mannequins are close to real people.

We have 8 sizes for Monica and 2 sizes for Penelope. You can choose not only the size, but also the color of your dress form. We have beige, black and also a special edition of Monica with floral print.

Royal Dress forms

Royal Dress forms mannequins are produced on the newest unique technology. Figures of our dress forms, based on 3D-scanning and years of searching, are similar to real people, not the basic measures.

Our clients are professionals and beginners, tailors and designers, huge factories and small sewing studios, students, and teachers. They are completely different people that are united with enthusiasm, desire to create, and perfectionism in the quality of working tools. We are proud that our customers, who once bought our mannequin, use it for years and always come back for other sizes

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