Our History

Since 2011 our company has been working in the field of 3D modeling, manufacturing of individual dress forms and anthropometric measurements. In parallel with this, work was underway to create a modern women's sewing dress form and improve the technology for manufacturing mannequins from polyurethane foam.

A small family company, RDF GROUP LLC, was established in 2014. We launch the production of soft dress forms. Our business is based on transparency and manufacturability of production.

Our Technology

Royal Dress forms are made using the latest unique technology. Based on 3D scans and years of researching, the shapes of our garments are similar to real people, not basic measurements.

The essential component of our success is the elastic material. It's possible to stick pins in Royal Dress forms mannequin and steam clothes right on them. Our dress forms can withstand 13 tonnes of weight without damage.

Our Clients

Our clients are professionals and beginners, tailors and designers, huge factories and small sewing studios, students and teachers. They are completely different people united with enthusiasm, desire to create and perfectionism in the quality of working tools. We are proud that our customers who once bought our dress form have been using it for years and always come back for different sizes.

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