10 ways to use the dress form

10 ways to use the dress form

The mannequin is not just a sewing tool, but your assistant. In fact, with its help, you can not only create the most beautiful and high-quality things but also pump your sewing skills, at the same time making the sewing process much more convenient.

So here are 10 things you can do with your mannequin!

Create clothes on the dress form

It is not necessary to do the calculations. On a mannequin, especially on Monica with marking lines, you can build clothes using the draping method. It is even more convenient because you will achieve the perfect fit and save time and effort.

Steam and iron

Now you don't need pads and ironing boards, with the Royal Dress forms mannequin you can steam or iron your garments right on it. This way you will save space and achieve the perfect shape since the mannequin follows the contours of the body.

beige dress form

Create perfect garments

With our mannequin, you will be able to build clothing that fit perfectly on your figure, because the parameters can be adjusted one to one with the help of a padding fitting system.


A great way to place embroidery, appliques, and other decor is to do it right on the mannequin. So you can evaluate how the pattern looks on the finished product. And to fix the dress form moving during the process, use the rotation lock.


The main function of the mannequin is to evaluate the fit and quality of the item. It doesn't matter if you sew for yourself or to order, it is very convenient to try garments on a mannequin. You can do this at any time of the day or night. And the mannequin will not complain about pins!

Change parameters

Many sew to order, but all clients are different. It is not at all necessary to buy many mannequins. You can choose Monica with running parameters and change them with the help of overlays.

Carry out an upgrade

In our store, you will find useful mannequin accessories that will help you further expand your capabilities. For example, with hands, it will be more convenient to design sleeves, and the head allows you to experiment with hoods and collars.

Take pictures of your creations

Whatever you sew, a portfolio is important! Take your photography to a new level with the Royal Dress forms. Now there is no need to persuade customers to pose, and products can be photographed at any time of the day for good lighting.

Perfect hanger

We want you to sew on a mannequin, but if you need the ironed dress to hang in perfect shape until tomorrow, then the mannequin is just perfect for this. By the way, during work, you can put details on the dress form so that they are not lost.

Create without borders

Our dress forms will take your capabilities to a whole new level! You can design corsets, lingerie, swimwear, dresses, evening suits, and whatever comes to your mind. And also take pictures of all this to attract the attention of new customers.

Start creating now — order the mannequin of your dreams!

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