[2021/2022] Royal Dress forms summarized the results of the year, and that is what it brought to us

[2021/2022] Royal Dress forms summarized the results of the year, and that is what it brought to us

We summarize the results of the year, and that is what it brought to us.

Launched the new products

Monica. This year we launched 2 new body types, Monica in size 44  Rectangle and Hourglass. Now it is much easier to pick the right size.

What’s more  we added basic constructions into sets Luxe and Art. They are a base to construct numerous clothes.

Penelope. A year ago our Penelope did not have a marking tape, the size range was only S and M. What has changed? 2 sizes transformed into 5  XS/158, S/164, S/170, M/176 и M/182.

Plus, there are now 2 variations of Penelope  with sew mapping and without it. Cover. The textile cover is now a biflex cover.

We made and launched Rio — a table-stand, which helps to work while sitting and standing.

Our geography enlarged

There were 50 countries, now it is more than 70. Our dress forms are used by tailors and designers in the USA, Canada, Australia and almost all European countries. This year, our dress forms visited new countries. That’s so adorable.

Publishing your stories

This year, we came across the idea of publishing clients’ stories again. Collecting materials, publishing interviews. We offer everyone to take part. This is a platform, where you can tell more about you and your work to others.  Thousands will know. Typically, material ends up in a blog, mailing and social media. Even if you are underestimating your work. «What is special in my work?» — would you say? That’s not true! It is still interesting to thousands.

Here the links are! 

«Just jump in and experiment». The cosplay star Janelle Marie shared her story of how she started sewing, the difficulties she faced on the way and how she won competitions.

«So for me, sewing it’s not only a passion but also a heritage I’m very proud of». Alis of Videnoir for Royal Dress forms

We renewed our website

Now it is more convenient than ever! There is an opportunity to quickly navigate in the collections and accessories, plus quickly get in touch with the manager.

We supply you with helpful advices

We share with you — download for free:

Sewing Project — free download

10 mistakes in sewing — free download

15 ideas for seamstress instagram — free download

How to make selling photos on the dress form

Collected loads of new reviews

This year we made surveys and asked the opinion of customers. What pleased us — 97.9% of customers left positive feedback and gave us 5 points. This is valuable! On the international site Etsy, our score is still 4.9. In the reviews customers usually noted the high quality of the goods, fast delivery and friendliness and help of the manager.

The consultation is better now

Yes, it is hard to product through the photos in item cards. That’s why we filmed short videos for you to understand how the dress form look like in real life. When addressing to a manager, you can get a video like this. That will help you to make a decision.

We provide tight shipping times and fulfillment of the inventory

Yes, shipping time is still a key point in making decision about purchasing. Therefore, we declared the time for order processing 1-2 days, but often it happens even faster. Shipment time to Europe and USA may be 5-7 business days. But regularly, we do it much faster. Dress forms are always in warehouse. It means that you don’t have to wait for a week or more when we will produce it according to your request. Just register, pay and wait for the parcel.

And even more... Thank you for staying with us!

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