3 ways to create patterns

3 ways to create patterns

There are many ways to create clothes. You can use pre-made patterns and adapt them to your parameters. You can create drawings from scratch and achieve a perfect fit. Or you can use the layout method and save time!

In this article, we’ll show you 3 of the most popular methods.

Layout method

Perhaps, it’s the most creative method. The product is created in the process, and you immediately see what happens: no need to waste time on patterning and building drawings. The layout method is pretty simple: you need to learn the basics, and then it's a matter of practice.

For prototyping, you can use fabric or paper. It is better to choose a material that will be close in properties to the finished product, but in principle any will do. The main thing is that it is convenient to make markings on the fabric.

We recommend using a disappearing marker to avoid staining your mannequin. Monica mannequin is the best suited for prototyping, since she has markings (construction) lines. But you can use any dress form, the main thing is to put constructive lines on it by using a special tape.


Maximum accuracy with the most difficult way. There are many tutorials and techniques, you just need to choose your own. Despite the high costs of effort and time, the design gives the most accurate result, and the drawings can be adapted to different models.

Pattern adaptation 

This method is a combination of the two previous ones. There is no need to waste time on drawing up drawings: you just take ready-made ones and change them for the necessary purposes. You can buy patterns on the Internet and adapt them to your figure or client's measurements.

By the way, now it's even more convenient to create clothes! Basic patterns will be included with every Monica Luxe Kit. It’s perfect for working with our mannequins.

 You can carve out the basic design of the dress and build anything from it!

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