5 examples of How a mannequin makes work easy

5 examples of How a mannequin makes work easy

It's hard to imagine a workshop without a mannequin! Even if you are just starting to sew, you cannot do it without a sewing assistant. Here are at least 5 examples of how it can help to get a job done.


Of course, you can fit on yourself or on clients. But the first option is inconvenient, and the second is not always available. With a mannequin, you can fit on at any time, even at one in the morning! Plus, Monica, Penelope, Henry and Richard won't mind if you start sticking pins in them.

penelope royal dress forms


Monica and Richard mannequins have construction markings that allow you to outline the contours of the embroidery and arrange the decorative elements as needed. And if there is no markup (for example on Penelope) you can apply it by using a special tape. It is high contrast and is clearly visible on a mannequin of any color.


Away with boring drawings: create products directly on the dress form! All of our mannequins are soft and easy to stick with pins. This is incredibly handy when it comes to layout techniques. You can create things from scratch or make adjustments to ready-made designs on the go, adjusting them to your figure or implementing original ideas. And the draping lines will help you navigate the design and transfer it all to the fabric.

Our mannequins are not afraid of high temperatures! So you can iron and steam directly on them. This allows you to shape the product and achieve a perfect fit. No mess with ironing board anymore. Shaping has never been so convenient.



When you create something beautiful, be sure to photograph it! And it is most convenient to do this on a mannequin. First, you can easily take pictures from all sides. Secondly, a beautiful mannequin looks great in the photo and creates the atmosphere of a real Fashion House. And if you add accessories: arms, a head or even a leg for a mannequin, then the clothes will fit just perfectly.

As you can see, the mannequin is a really useful thing! We recommend you to order one for yourself as soon as possible and start creating.

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