How to change the size of your dress form

How to change the size of your dress form

Today we'll tell you about the padding fitting system. This system is a set of pieces that you can attach to the mannequin using tailor's pins. Pads allow you to turn size XS into S, increase volume of specific areas and achieve a perfect match with the real figure.

Let's answer all the popular questions about pads!

What is this system for?

You can use pads to achieve 2 goals: to increase the volume of the mannequin and to model a non-standard figure. With one set, you can increase the parameters by one size. With pads, you can add volume to the chest, waist, hips, shoulders, and back.

The padding fitting system smoothly repeats the curves of the figure, and the shape of the mannequin will be natural.

What is included? And what are the sizes?

Not all pads are the same! The set includes 3 types of overlays, for different zones. Each set includes:

  • 4 breast pads
  • 4 shoulder pads
  • 4 waist/hip pads
  • elastic light cover

The pads are available in 3 sizes: 40-44, 46-50, 52-54. The sets differ from each other in the size of the cover.

What is the cover, and why is it needed?

The cover is an elastic mesh that can be easily removed and placed on the mannequin after all pads are attached. The cover is needed to correct the lines and make the mannequin with pads as comfortable to work as without them.

How many centimeters can you increase the parameters?

The thickness of the details for the waist and hips is ~ 2.5 cm at the thickest point, for the shoulders ~ 1 cm at the thickest point, for the chest ~ 2 cm at the thickest point.

To increase the parameters of the dress form, you can use the second set of overlays and put on a cover on top to make the lines smooth.

Can I steam it?

Unfortunately, you can't. The pads are made from a different material. Unlike mannequins, they are not designed to be steam or ironed. This can lead to deformation. Please follow the instructions and avoid heat-treating the mannequin while using it!

Okay, what about the markup?

Since the pads are designed to freely change the parameters, there are no markings on them, as well as on the cover. But it can be applied with a tape!

What colors are there?

To make the overlays look beautiful on the mannequin, we released them in black and beige colors.

The pads will fit any mannequin, but look especially great on Monica. They can also be fixed with Penelope, the main thing is to put them on top, not under Penelope's jersey cover  this will deform it!

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