How to make your mannequin serve longer

How to make your mannequin serve longer

If you take care of your sewing assistant, Monica, Penelope and our other wonderful mannequins will serve you for years. The main thing is following simple guidelines.

Storage Cleaning and washing

Try to keep the mannequin strictly upright and on a stand. This will prevent the fabric from wrinkling due to improper storage. However, even if creases and wrinkles appear, just remove them with a steamer.

If you do not use the mannequin for a long time, place it in a special storage case. This will help protect it from dust and dirt. If you have a lot of mannequins, it is better to store them not in an open space, but in a wardrobe. 

Also, make sure the dress form stand has a locking ring. This will help protect the mannequin base from damage. By the way, if you have a retainer of rotation, use it to fix the mannequin in a secure position.

Cleaning and washing

To keep your mannequin looking perfect, regularly clean the case from dust and dirt. Cotton-covered mannequins (Monica, Betty Premium, Richard) can be cleaned with the sticky roller and wet wipe.

Jersey covers on Penelope, Henry and Betty Basic are easy to remove and wash.

Caution in work

Try to be careful with the scissors so as not to damage the mannequin's cover. However, if this happens, do not worry! One of our subscribers suggested an interesting life hack: you need to glue the cut with an adhesive interlining. The cuts will be fixed, and the damage will not be visible from the outside.

Mannequins with knitted covers also require caution. For example, Betty Basic markings are printed. If you do not stretch the cover and dry it in the correct position, the lines will remain clear for a long time. But if you neglect the recommendations, the markup can stretch.

All recommendations can be found in the instructions that come with each dress form. But you can always ask us questions about mannequins on social networks.

If you follow these recommendations, the mannequin will serve you for many years and will look the same as on the day of purchase!

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