«I get inspiration from almost anything: travel, history, good experiences in life and even bad ones». Tommie Hernández told us about her passion for sewing

Tommie Hernández, the owner of an online fashion academy and indie sewing pattern company Sirena Patterns, shared valuable advice for beginners in this interview.

Tell us more about yourself and your work. How did you begin sewing?

I began sewing in 1982, my dad enrolled me in sewing lessons, so I had something to do during the summer. He had no idea that it would change my life. After that, I continued taking lessons in sewing and pattern making. I studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, specializing in sportswear. In 1999, I launched my clothing and swimwear line and four years ago founded Sirena Patterns: an online fashion academy and indie sewing pattern company.

Do you remember the first item you saw?

Yes, I made the cutest elastic waist shorts that had ties at the sides. They were not perfect, but I wore them proudly.

What item do you like to sew the most?

I absolutely love making swimwear because since it's a close-fitting garment that uses very little fabric, it’s even more challenging to be creative. I have designed the official swimsuits of pageants like Miss World 2021, with almost 100 contestants.

Where do you get ideas and inspiration for new items?

I get inspiration from almost anything: travel, history, good experiences in life, and even bad ones. I think that inspiration comes to you the moment you are not seeking… and when that happens, make sure to start sketching and writing as soon as you can.

How did you get familiar with brand Royal Dress forms? Which dress form do you have?

I saw a post on Instagram and was amazed because it was the first time I saw a dressform that looked so similar to a real human being. I did not think twice and since I specialize in swimwear, I bought the Penelope dressform. In less than a week, my new best friend was delivered.

How does our dress form help you during work?

It has made all the difference in the world, not only for draping but also for taking pictures of my designs.

What is the most helpful advice for beginners?

The most helpful advice for beginners is to keep learning. Do your research and compare products. Do not think that all sewing supplies and dress forms are equal. A high-quality product can help you create better garments and, of course, last more.