Masha Rossa: "My goal is to inspire and support others"

Masha Rossa: "My goal is to inspire and support others"

Tell us a little about yourself, please?
Hello! My name is Maria Drozdetskaya, known as Masha Rossa in the world of sewing. I was born on April 15, 1990, in the cozy city of Volzhsk, Russia. Although since childhood I was fond of creativity and needlework, my love for sewing did not come at once. I tried many different directions, and at the end of it I found that all this can be combined in a sewing blog.

Did this interest come to you from someone or did you decide on your own to try out this type of creativity?
When there was a choice of profession in vocational school - to be a cook or a seamstress, I knew for sure that I would not become a cook, and I chose the profession of a seamstress. I can say that fate itself brought me together with sewing.
Could you tell us, please, how was your learning process? Where did you study?
I studied at a vocational school and got a diploma of a motor seamstress. After that I didn't stop and attended master classes, took online courses in garment construction and 3D modeling. I also studied CAD and basic course of fashion figure drawing.

Which countries have you visited? Can you tell us more about your most impactful memory?
I don't travel that often, but I have lived in Italy for 14 years, which is full of colorful places. I especially love nature: mountains, lakes and forests.

On April 30, you have your first book came out, «La magia del cucito», which translates to “The Magic of Sewing.” It is written entirely in Italian. Can you tell us what it is about and who it is written for?
In this book I put all my knowledge accumulated over years of practice and study. My goal was that even a beginner can make his first garments and wear them proudly. The book contains 6 patterns that make up a capsule closet. I selected the pieces so that each one would be a learning experience.
Basic Patterns from Masha Rossa
What inspired you to create this book?
It brings me pleasure to watch people experience the joy of creating their first sewing pieces. It is the moment when they realize their creativity and ability to turn ideas into reality.I am also very interested in learning different aspects of sewing and fashion. Every time I learn something new, it becomes a source of inspiration for me. I try to simplify this information and share it with others to help them develop and improve their sewing skills. My goal is to inspire and support others, to help them learn new skills and enjoy creating.

 What were the difficulties in writing it? Was it difficult to organize yourself to constantly work on it, and what motivated you?
Writing the book was not difficult because the idea had been maturing in my head for a long time. The only difficulty was to write in Italian, but I was helped by my publisher, Ikon Editrice.

We couldn't help but notice that it has a very colorful design. What guided your design? Did someone help you in writing it?
When choosing colors for the models, I was guided by my own color type. The book also talks a little bit about color types and their influence on the choice of clothing colors. The design of the book was developed by Ikon Editrice. They helped bring my ideas to life, creating a bright and attractive look for the book that complements its content.

Do you see it more as a commercial project, or were you more interested in sharing your experience with the reader?
So far, I haven't thought about sales. For me, this project is not just a commercial venture, but something significant and personal. It is like a jewelry box in which I have put all my most valuable things: my knowledge, experience, passion for sewing and the desire to share it with others. It is a project in which I put my heart and soul, and I am happy to see it gradually turning into a reality.

The journey with the book is done. How do you feel about it now?
I am very excited and looking forward to the book's release. This is a big step for me and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

Do you plan to develop further as an author, as a blogger? Tell us about your future plans?
There are always new plans and ideas popping up in my head, but it's too early to tell you about them. Right now, I want to fully immerse myself in this moment - to rejoice in the completion of the book, to enjoy the anticipation of its release. It's a time when I want to simply savor the accomplishment of reaching this stage, absorb every detail of it, and savor the feeling of satisfaction from the work I've done. To learn new skills and enjoy creating.
Thanks to Maria for her time and the interesting story.
Sincerely yours, Royal Dress forms Team.
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