Save this post with two simple techniques of customizing old garments

This type of staining was used by the masters of ancient Japan, India, and Africa.
But the popularity of print came in the 60s and 70s thanks to the hippie subculture. Young people expressed themselves with unusual clothes, bypassing the mass market.
There are different ways of winding fabric: stitching, folding, compression. It is necessary to drag the fabric in the right places with an elastic band and lower it into boiling paint. Light-colored clothes are best, ideally cotton, and tie-dye dye is easy to find in needlework stores.

A technique in which the entire fabric or a small area is bleached. Take bleach whitener and mix in proportion: a glass to a bucket of water. You can use another tool, but only based on active chlorine. Dense fabrics, such as jeans, jackets, vests, are best suited.
For such experiments, you will need a little: paint or bleach, a container (even a saucepan will do), gloves, rubber bands and clothes that you want to change.