Scale Mannequin

Scale Mannequin

scale mannequin

Scale mannequin: what is it and why it’s needed?

Betty is a mini replica of our Monica mannequin, close to size XS half scaled by 1:2. This is a very practical and useful dummy that will come in handy both in a personal workshop or atelier, and in sewing schools, universities and various training programs.

Soft and petite

Scale mannequins are created from the same elastic polymer material as standard size mannequins. So you can easily stick pins into them, squeeze and even iron without fear of the strength.

As we said above, a scaled mannequin is a replica close to size XS in scale. All proportions are halved. You can practice all sorts of ideas, and then enlarge them to full size and continue prototyping on a large mannequin.

Each mannequin comes with a comfortable square stand base. You can adjust it in height to make your work as comfortable as possible.

half-scale mannequin

Half scale mannequins models

There are 2 types of Betty: premium and standard. They differ in the cover material, as well as in the markings lines. The mannequins have the same base foam, so it is equally convenient to work with them. But the presence of markings and the type of cover can be a decisive argument in your choice

Betty Premium. This is the most chic version of the scale mannequin. The stitching is made with stitches and the 100% cotton cover is treated to resist dust and moisture, so it doesn't need to be washed.

Betty Basic  basic mannequin with removable jersey cover. It is easy to remove and wash if it gets dirty. There is no markup on this version of Betty.

What are the colors?

Betty Basic can be bought in black and beige colors, as for Betty Premium there are as many as 3 options: beige, black and with a floral print

Mannequins in all colors are equally good, so the choice depends only on what suits the style of your brand or the interior of the workshop.

How such a mannequin helps in work?

A half scale mannequin saves you time and money, and also helps you hone skills, practice complex knots and experiment. With Betty of any format, you can:

  • create layouts;
  • teach students;
  • conduct master classes;
  • hone new techniques;
  • experiment with shapes and materials;
  • take beautiful pictures for your portfolio.

We are sure you have a dozen more useful applications for a half-scale mannequin! It is a very convenient and practically irreplaceable thing in work. And you can find your half-scale dream mannequin in our catalog.

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