Why our mannequins are not afraid of the iron

Why our mannequins are not afraid of the iron

The iron is the best friend of sewing enthusiasts. It’s impossible to imagine a perfect fit and even seams, and even bringing the product to its final look without it is completely problematic. Therefore, creating our mannequins, we decided to make them MAXIMUM comfortable to work with and made sure that you could iron directly on them.


Better than pads

To iron complex knots, many people use pads. This is very convenient, but it requires pads of different shapes to work. Plus, they are quite cumbersome and need to be stored somewhere. And the mannequin stands beautifully in the corner, can be easily removed from the stand and is always at hand.

Solid foam base

The inside of our mannequins is an elastic polymer material. It shrinks easily, quickly takes on its original shape, and is not at all afraid of steam and high temperatures. So do not be afraid: feel free to use the iron, nothing will happen to the mannequin!

High-quality cover

Our mannequins are covered with either quality jersey (Penelope, Henry) or 100% cotton with a special impregnation against dust and moisture. These materials tolerate heat well, do not fade or deform. But try to still be limited to the temperatures indicated in the care recommendations.

Perfect shape

Unlike the last, the mannequin follows the shape of the figure. You can use it with might and main to give the product the perfect shape! By the way, you can iron both vertically and horizontally. Simply remove the mannequin from the base and place it on a table or ironing board.

Do you want a mannequin that will be really easy and enjoyable to work with? Look for a suitable one in the catalog or write to us — we will help you!

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