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Royal Dress forms

Shoulder shaped ironing board “Boar”

Shoulder shaped ironing board “Boar”

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The pad allows for the most complete cycle of wet-heat treatment to be carried out.


Processing of multiple convex areas: darts, reliefs, as well as forming necessary zones; the shoulder area provides easy access for processing armholes and performing any operation in the shoulder area - working with darts, attaching collars.

Hard-to-reach areas - collars, epaulettes, cuffs, partially sleeves.

The pad is made of polyurethane foam, allowing the use of tailor's pins freely to shape any necessary zones, and small details can also be pinned on the pad.

The pad is covered with dense jersey (double cover, anti-pilling jersey category), the upper part is attached to the base in such a way that the covering can be replaced.

The base of the pad is made of beech wood, making it convenient to work on edges, including because the pad stands conveniently on its side; there is also a corner on this side for working with hard-to-reach areas, collars, cuffs, and belts.

And if you turn the pad upside down, you will find a large part made of beech, on which you can iron large areas flat and partially process sleeves as part of the wet-heat treatment.

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