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Padding Fitting System for soft tailor’s dress forms

Padding Fitting System for soft tailor’s dress forms

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Padding Fitting System for increasing of volume dress form figure

Paddings are made for increasing of dress form's measurements and modelling of nonstandard figure. In average, with one set, you can increase measurements up to one size in chest waist hips shoulders and back. If necessary, you can cut the padding to give it any desired shape. Pin the padding in the right places of dress form with pins and put on dress form the special cover including in set. It will fix padding and smooth the contours of the figure.

The paddings gently follow the curves of the figure, gradually thinning on edges and therefore creates correct shape without sharp transitions. The paddings are able to turn out, so you get a little different shape. With help of the padding, you can simulate a pregnant figure.


  • Beige
  • Black

Set consist of:

12 paddings of beige color + beige translucent elastic cover for fixation (suits for dress form of light color).

Padding is able to be fixing with ordinary pins (pins are not included in set)

Thickness of padding:

  • Waist/Hips ~2.5 cm in the most thick place
  • Shoulders ~ 1 cm in the most thick place
  • Bust ~ 2 cm in the most thick place

Choose set in accordance with size of your dress form. Included in the set, the elastic cover, defines for what size padding can be used.
*For instance, a cover for dress form of XXS-S size will not fit for XXL-XXXL size of dress form.


It's strictly prohibited to steam and iron clothes on dress form at the period of using the padding. It can lead to theirs damage and deformation. In case of failure to comply with the mentioned instructions of the goods, they will become non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

*Dress form is not included in the set of padding.
**Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

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