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Tailor's ironing board “BOAR” 35 cm Beige

Tailor's ironing board “BOAR” 35 cm Beige

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This pad is designed for processing reliefs, darts, and molding various parts of products.

The “boar” can be used to work with the hood, raglan sleeves, neck shaping, for processing the shoulder area, necklines, etc.

The platform provides free access to the product during its wet-heat treatment

The “boar” is made of polyurethane foam, covered with jersey (double cover).
The base is made of beech wood, assembled on screws, which are closed to preserve the aesthetics of the look.

But the screws in the area of connection between the pad and the base are open, this is done to make it possible to easily re-tighten the fabric in case of loosening

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