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Tailor's ironing board “Corset”

Tailor's ironing board “Corset”

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Tailor's ironing board “Corset” has a universal size: length 30 cm, height 12 cm, width 10 cm at the narrow end and 13 cm at the wide end.

It is intended for shaping breast convexities, processing bra cups and corsets, wet-heat treatment for other areas of lingerie, pressing and easing in the chest area, adjusting bust and waist darts, processing reliefs, and shaping various partsсу of garments. It can be used for sleeve cap shaping and forming small necklines.

Material: polyurethane foam covered with a double-knit cover.

The base is made of beech wood, assembled with screws, providing the possibility of easy fabric re-covering”


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